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*Comments: License change for Scene.org03 Mar 2005
Scene.org staff has been receiving a lot of requests to remove files from artists whose previously-uploaded works have been sold to a commercial entity. Some of these requests have been polite, few have been not so polite and then there have been down-right threatening demands with associated legal language.

As you know, Scene.org exists as an archival and distribution service for the good of the community, run & supported by the members of the community. I'm sure you understand that we do not have the resources to continue to handle these requests nor defend ourselves should someone decide to initiate legal proceedings. Thus, we are investigating options to protect ourselves without taking away any rights from the creators of the works.

Chief among these options is requiring a CC (CreativeCommons) license for all works in the archive -- both past & present.

We realize this is a major change, and thus would very much welcome any comments and suggestions from our users through the discussions area. Should you be or know someone who is legally-savvy in these matters, we would very much welcome an opportunity to consult with you directly (contact: staff@scene.org).
posted by velluv

*Scene.org Awards 2004 nominees announced16 Feb 2005
After weeks of exhausting deliberations and votes, the official Scene.org Awards 2004 jury is once again ready to unravel the list of nominees for this year's issue, as well as the nominations in the Public choice's award, as determined through the public vote.

For the first time this year, the Jury chose to extend the nomination list in two categories (Best demo and Best direction) to propose a wider view of the contestants in those categories, in the spirit of competition and diversity.

The final results will be given during the ceremony at Breakpoint 2005, in Bingen am Rhein in Germany on the 26th of march 2005. We will be pleased to see you there. Until then, visit the Scene.org Awards website for the most up to date information.
posted by melwyn

*Altparty 624 Jan 2005
The sixth edition of the Alternative Party was held in Finland couple weeks ago. Here you can find both the final results and releases.
posted by melwyn

*'The Scene Archives' collection online22 Jan 2005

The Scene Archives is a huge collection of Amiga scene material brought together thanks to the hard work of Tony Hasselbacher (aka The Heavyweight/Affinity) The complete collection spans over 10000 floppy disks of content, representing a whopping 9GB of digital artwork (assuming 880k per floppy).

Originally this collection was sold as CD volumes to allow other demoscene enthausiasts to enjoy their contents. But now the author has given The International Scene Organization ry (the organization behind scene.org) his permission to host this excellent archive online! You can find this treasure chest of amiga productions in our mirrors section.

Big thanks go out to Tony Hasselbacher for his work and support!

posted by redhound

*Scene.org Awards voting starts17 Jan 2005
Here we go again! Scene.org proudly announces the 3rd Annual Scene.org Awards, taking place on 26th of March, 2005, at Breakpoint 2005 demo party, Bingen, Germany.

For the second time the public can also vote on their favourite releases. To do so, please go to the voting page. Deadline to cast your vote is 14th of February 2005. All award nominees, including the Public's Choice, will be announced on 15th of February.
posted by melwyn

*optihack0513 Jan 2005
First demoparty of 2005 award goes to sweden for it's scene section in optihack 2005. Check out the releases and results.
posted by ps

*tUM 200429 Dec 2004
Right after christmas it was time again for The Ultimate Meeting, held in Germany. You can download all the great releases and official results of this party from our archive!
posted by redhound

*New german mirror!29 Dec 2004

Thanks to The Digitale Kultur e.V. and Netcologne we are proud to present a new german scene.org mirror. This complete copy of the scene.org archive got launched during the tUM*04 party a few days back.

The mirror is already active and can be selected in the file browser when browsing the archive on this website.

posted by redhound

*Flashparty 200408 Dec 2004
South Americans do it better! Here are the releases and results of this nice party in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
posted by ps

*Dreamhack Winter 200402 Dec 2004
Dreamhack Winter 2004 was held in Sweden last week. The productions and official results are now available.
posted by ps