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*SceneID passwords - update25 Jun 2005

25.06.2005 update: Phew. Seems like there was more problems that we first saw. All the accounts registered through Pouet.net during the past month had faulty passwords and when we disabled the password renewal option there was a sudden burst of emails from all angry people complaining on their passwords not working. All the problems should be fixed now, and all those who sent us email should've received now new passwords. Sincere apologies on this hassle and we truly hope nothing similar will happen anymore. - melwyn

As some of you have noticed, we have temporarily disabled password retrieval for SceneID accounts. This is due to a security breach we spotted a couple days ago. We hope to get some free time to fix it soon and get a more secure password retrieval system back. In the meantime, try not to forget your password and avoid emailing us about it if you please.

Oh, and speedy, next time you find a security breach, just email us will yah? :)

posted by ps

*Simulaatio 3D13 Jun 2005
3d demos got a whole new meaning last weekend in Varkaus, Finland, when Simulaatio 3D was held. Supplied with anaglyphic 3d graphics and 5.1 surround sound, we're happy to archive all the releases together with the official results.
posted by melwyn

*Motorola Inside 200525 May 2005
Another edition of Motorola Inside was held this weekend. Check out the releases and results.
posted by ps

*Birdie 200515 May 2005
15th edition of Swedish demoparty called Birdie took place last weekend. Here are the releases and official results.
posted by ps

*Scene.org Awards jury comments & survey17 Apr 2005
We're happy to announce that the jury feedback has been now fully processed and you can read now how we felt about the Scene.org Awards 2004 winners and nominees.

We put also together a small survey on Scene.org Awards. If you have a minute to spare, we'd be grateful on all the possible feedback. Thank you and see you next year!
posted by melwyn

*Ben "Diablo" Shelton (1974-2005)05 Apr 2005

We are very sad to report the passing of a great friend of ours: Ben Shelton aka Diablo / Hornet. Ben helped manage the archive for years, always had great improvement ideas, and was a very good personal friend of many of us. As a member of Hornet, he was also instrumental in the running of the Hornet Archive. Ben's legacy will live on in our hearts and minds, and in scene.org

He was found dead in his apartment in Portland. The medical examiner said he died from "natural causes", they think it may have been a sudden case of meningitis.

We have lost an incredibly good man at an incredibly young age.. Ben had a lot of plans for the future, a great lust for life and sense of humor.. He was a very creative, smart and kind person. And we'll always remember him dearly.

for more information, visit #trax on irc.scene.org
Some friends have also put together a small homepage about him.

Rest in peace Ben!

posted by ps

*Breakpoint 200528 Mar 2005
Easter wouldnt be easter without some wild partying in Germany at Breakpoint! Always good for nice releases, and ofcourse you can check them out in our archive.
posted by redhound

*The Gathering 200528 Mar 2005
Easter weekend was celebrated with another installment of The Gathering in Norway. You can find the releases and official results in our party archive!
posted by redhound

*3rd AnnualScene.org Awards winners!26 Mar 2005
3rd Annual Scene.org Awards winners have been announced. We had rocking show at Breakpoint, more information and jury comments will arrive later on after recovering from the party. :)
posted by melwyn

*Small server instability11 Mar 2005

As you may have noticed from the black out last weekend, we have been experiencing some server instability. 2 disks in the raid array had been becoming degraded. This is not a critical problem, because we have a raid5 system with 1 hotspare drive (which means we can survive 2 simultaneous disk failures).

The disks have been replaced and we have built a new kernel (which has a newer driver for the raid controller) and installed the newest control tool (3DM 2) which should prevent server halting from ECC repair actions in the future.

So i'm just posting this news item to let you people know what the downtime was about exactly, and that our man Jeffry has hastily taken care of whatever needed beeing taken care of.

posted by ps