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*September party stash24 Sep 2005
Last weekend there was two parties quite much apart from each other geographically - one in the Salt Lake City, Utah and another one in Ylöjärvi, Finland. Here goes:
posted by melwyn

*Scene.org looking for staff members!10 Sep 2005
Do you think you could make world a better place? Or at least a tiny bit of it, as they say "a demo a day keeps the doctor away". We're looking for talented people to join our forces - for more information see the longer post at our jobs page.

20.10.2005 update: We've filled now all the wanted positions. Thanks for everyone who applied! Also a warm welcome to our new staff members: here's updated staff list including also the new members.
posted by melwyn

*More summer parties09 Sep 2005

Almost full releases and results of a few other summer demoparties have also been uploaded recently:

posted by ps

*inerciaDemoparty200504 Sep 2005

The best (and only) demoparty in Portugal took place this weekend. Here are the releases and results.

..and don't forget to come to inerciaDemoparty2005! ;)

posted by ps

*Evoke 2005 - the space race02 Sep 2005
Official results and releases from Evoke have landed.
posted by melwyn

*Buenzli #1429 Aug 2005
The cowee was partying in Winterthur, Switzerland one week ago. Here's all of the demo fondue releases.
posted by redhound

*Demozone 200509 Aug 2005
Couple weeks ago took place another edition of the only PC demoparty in Holland, Demozone. Here's all the releases and official results.
posted by ps

*Scene Event 200509 Aug 2005
Last weekend the yearly scene BBQ and camping galore Scene Event took place in Aalborg, Denmark. Here's all the releases and official results of the party.
posted by melwyn

*Assembly 200531 Jul 2005
The releases and official final results of Assembly 2005 have been available for a while now. Thanks to everyone for a great party and greetings to Accession!
posted by jesse

*Abstract 200528 Jun 2005
The releases and official results of Abstract 2005 are now available.
posted by ps