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*Scene.org Awards 2005 nominees01 Mar 2006
The jury has done it's job and the nominations for each of the 11 categories are now released. Please note our new addition - the crispy oldschool category for all you 8-bit lovers! Head over to the Scene.org Awards website for the complete list!
posted by gloom

*Satellite 200622 Jan 2006
Satellites give us more than just our daily dose of television. Today the Finnish Satellite 2006 party broadcasted the following results and releases.
posted by sparcus

*First downtime of 200601 Jan 2006

As you might have noticed, we had a few MySQL overloading issues today which were making our webserver unusable. We traced them back to a server of an obviously big demo enthusiast who was hammering our search page looking for fr-025-final2.zip 200 times per minute. That's what we get for hosting a popular demo, it really gets popular!

So cheers to the anonymous hammerer for forcing Melwyn to code an anti-spam check on our search page. You're the man!

Oh, and Happy New Year everyone!

posted by ps

*the ultimate meeting 0530 Dec 2005
Arr! T'ships from t'Ultimate Meeting 2005 have arrived, filled with booty! We've just unloaded t'results and releases.
posted by ps

*BGParty 200521 Dec 2005
And once again, the results and releases from a Spanish scene party have arrived. This time from BGParty aka Holaquehay.
posted by sparcus

*TRSAC 200528 Nov 2005
More stuff from the future. We're still waiting for Christmas but The Real Scene After Christmas results and releases are already here.
posted by sparcus

*Kindergarden 2000520 Nov 2005
Some future sceners travelled back in time and gave us the Kindergarden 20005 results and releases. Some demos and intros are not yet released, but will probably be added later this week. If not, then you'll just have to wait only 18000 years :)
posted by sparcus

*BCNParty 10110 Nov 2005
Another edition of Spanish demoparty BCN has happened last weekend.. The results and releases are now available.
posted by ps

*Downtime last weekend08 Nov 2005

While some staff members were partying in Barcelona, our server got a kernel panic on the raid driver, according to Jeffry it has happened once or twice before already. Unfortunatly he (the only one of us with physical access to the server) was away for a long vacation weekend, so he couldn't get back to the server until monday in the afternoon.
We apologize for the downtime.

posted by ps

*Function 200511 Oct 2005
Magyar scene does it better. The results and releases of Function have arrived.
posted by ps