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For a while now the pressure of your daily visits and downloads were getting too much for our old server. The old server has been faithfully doing it's job for almost five years now, getting through some real difficult times like the yearly Easter Weekend Madness (most party-packed weekend of the year) and ofcourse the huge Assembly download-frenzies. So we decided that the old machine deserved a wellearned rest and it was time to invest in some new hardware.

On this page I'll keep a short diary about the building of and migration to the new server, so you all can read how things are progressing and check out some pictures of the cool geeky hardware :)

Wednesday July 9th

In the morning around 11:00 the doorbell rings. Cool, the parts for the new server are here! After quite a long wait after we ordered all parts were finally available and were shipped to my house.

The delivery service dropped off 2 big boxes with the following stuff:

  • Intel Pentium 4 HyperThreaded 2.8GHz with 800MHz FSB
  • Intel D875PBZ mainboard
  • 4x 512MB Kingston DDR400 memory dimms
  • 3x Western Digital 120GB 7200rpm harddisk with 8MB cache
  • Q-Tec 550Watt PFC powersupply with dual fans
  • Procase 19" 4U black case

Show me a bigger picture
Show me a bigger picture

The new 19" server casing looks much more professional than our old bigtower. It will fit nicely in the serverroom of our mainsponsor Hogeschool Rotterdam.

It has a big 120mm fan in the front and a smaller 80mm in the back. Together with the two powersupply fans they'll have to keep our files cool.

Show me a bigger picture Show me a bigger picture

The powerful 550Watt powersupply should be enough to provide the needed power for all the harddisks.

Plus it looks pretty sexy with it's gold finish and transparant fanblades, so the server has enough bling-bling :)

Show me a bigger picture
Show me a bigger picture

The mainboard was pretty hard to get, but we really wanted the Intel D875PBZ because of it's robustness. We wanted a board that didn't have too many useless extra's and was purely focussed on stability. The board has an ICH5 Serial-ATA controller onboard with RAID support, so we'll be able to use SATA disks in the future. We did have a look at current SATA drives, but we didn't think the more expensive investment would bring any benefits at the moment. Only Western Digital's Raptor 10Krpm drive was interesting, but with only 36GB it was too small for us. That's why we sticked with Western Digital's award winning JB series 120GB disks which are now at 1GB/euro.

The onboard Intel PRO/1000 gigabit network interface with the new CSA technology will hopefully provide us with enough bandwidth for the future. The server will be hooked up to a brand new Cisco Catalyst 6509 coreswitch, which has a 1GBit/s uplink to the AMS-IX (AMSterdam Internet eXchange).

Show me a bigger picture
Show me a bigger picture

Luckily I had one week off from work, so I could immediatly start building the server. Things went pretty smooth and in no-time the mainboard, power supply and disks were installed in the 19" case.

Here you can check out the mainboard with the CPU and memory installed. Now they're sitting there pretty peacefully, but in a few weeks they'll have to work like hell serving all the new Assembly releases!

Show me a bigger picture
Show me a bigger picture

Ok, all hardware installed and booting without any problems. Debian GNU/Linux has been installed, so it's ready to be shipped to Rotterdam.

After this comes the hard part of the migration; moving all files, websites and databases from the old server to this one, without having too much of downtime.

Stay tuned for the next update. I hope I can make some pictures when we place the server in the serverroom in Rotterdam and maybe I'll make some pics of the old server so it and all it's work for the demoscene won't be forgotten :)

posted by Redhound