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                       --> THE SCENE ARCHIVES <--          
                               Hosted by Scene.org

     The Scene Archives is a huge collection of Amiga scene material
     brought together thanks to the hard work of Tony Hasselbacher (aka
     The Heavyweight/Affinity) The complete collection spans over 10000
     floppy disks of content, representing a whopping 9GB of digital
     artwork (assuming 880k per floppy).

     Originally this collection was sold as CD volumes to allow other
     demoscene enthausiasts to enjoy their contents. But now the author
     has given The International Scene Organization ry (the organization
     behind scene.org) his permission to host this excellent archive

     We have chosen to host the collection in it's original form, so
     each directory represents a CD volume of the archive. Inside you
     will find content listings, utilities to search the contents, and
     the actual floppy images in the 'The_Disks_Are_In_Here' folder.

     Before redistributing this archive contact the original author and
     copyright holder of the CD images, Tony Hasselbacher, for his

                                            - Redhound / Scene.org

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